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Pension Plan

Who we are
The unique feature of the policy is that the policy owner will get guaranteed pension benefits.
People in all professions eventually had to leave their golden years of youth and retire from professional life; it is a hard reality of life which must be embraced. In contrast to the assurance of social shelter and sympathy for the aged, financial security is the most important thing in later life. It might not be possible to meet all of your demands if you solely rely on resources and your kids to get through the time of emergency.
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Feature & Benefit

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The insurer will get lifetime pension from the starting period of pension. In that case there are two options:

  1.  On completion of the term the insured will enjoy the pension benefit every month.
  2.  On completion of the term, the insured will surrender 50% of ten times the annual pension as cash benefits and the remaining 50% as pension

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