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Maternity Hospitalization Plan

Who we are

It is a special type of hospitalization coverage that provides the benefit for any condition related to pregnancy or childbirth and any complications therefrom during the period from the date of conception to final delivery. Maternity Benefits coverage may be included under HI Rider by paying an additional premium for this coverage. Maturity Benefits may be included from the inception date of the Rider or any anniversary thereof. The Maternity Benefit shall not cover the expenses incurred for the treatment of the newborn. Astha group medical insurance plan covers the eligible expenses incurred Maternity IPD treatment of an insured due to illness or injury or maternity-related issues sustained during the period of coverage. We have already developed the largest Astha Life affiliated Hospital Network to ensure hassle-free, quality healthcare & cashless services to our valued insured. The team of Astha Life is fully dedicated to ensuring secure and better health for you and your loved ones and we just do not stop there….

  • Covers eligible treatment expenses incurred while admission in a hospital for Maternity related Issues like Caesarean Delivery / Ectopic Pregnancy, Normal Delivery & Legal Abortion or Miscarriage.

  • Maternity coverage provided in a package, not linked with usual Hosp/IPD coverage.  

Feature & Benefit

Eligibility Salient Benefits

All married female Employees/ Spouse under age 45 years must be included.

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